Let us press on to know the Lord

Dear Friends,

As usual, the summer has proved a significant time for ministry among young people. We had a superb Holiday Club – a dedicated and brilliantly creative team of leaders got Lost in the Jungle with 100 children. Thankfully they found their way out and in the process had a lot of fun and learned how Jesus came to find lost people. And then two camps for teenagers – Barnstaple and Sparkford. As I write these are still going on and it’s very encouraging to see a good number of our teenagers attending.

In September we welcome Josh and Ellie Yates to St. Andrew’s – Josh is joining us as our new Youth Worker. I’m sure we’ll do our best to make them feel at home and I’m sure they’ll welcome an invitation to a meal or two.

It is very encouraging to hear news of spiritual progress among young people but let’s not forget that the Lord meets and deals with people at all kinds of ages and stages.

They reckon the Apostle Paul was probably in his twenties when Jesus met him on the Damascus Road. Then there was the dad who met Jesus as He was coming down the Mount of Transfiguration – “I do believe,” he said, “help me in my unbelief.” Abraham was about 75 (but not yet a dad!) when he entered Canaan and Moses was 80 when the Lord met him in the Burning Bush and just about to begin his third career.

So whether you are in your teens or your eighties, let’s make Hosea 6:3 our watchword in the coming months –

“Let us press on to know the Lord.”

With love in Christ,

Joe Dent