The Soup Run

Food and drink for those in need…

A different church goes out every night of the year including Christmas Day and is overseen by our friends at the Salvation Army. St. Andrews Church night is a Tuesday and we have seven teams with six on a team, this means volunteers just go out once every seven weeks.

We collect left over bread and sometimes fruit from Sainsburys as well as pasties from the Oggy shops.  We then meet to make up sandwiches, hot drinks and soup. People are all given a pasty, sandwich, cake, fruit, soup and a hot drink.  We then go out for our first stop at 9:15pm which is Charles Cross bus stop, from there we go up The Hoe then on to Devils Point and finally end up at Kings Road  finishing about 10:40pm.  The numbers of Homeless vary from around 40 sometimes peaking 90 plus in the Summer.

There are many reasons why they are homeless, some just for a short time until they get their life back on track, some will always be homeless, others often have no families to help them, some it is a drink or drug problem.  In actual fact they are not all homeless but some have Bed Sits but by the time they have paid rent, electricity etc, they have no money left for food.  They are all extremely grateful and wanting to shake your hand or kiss you!  We collect clothing, blankets and sleeping bags all year round and take these out with us.  We are always looking for volunteers, so anyone interested should contact the church office.

More info

If you would like to be involved, please contact the church office.

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