A very warm welcome to St. Andrew’s.

“We’re glad that you’ve looked in on our website, and we hope that we’ll be able to meet you face to face as well.”

Joe Dent - RectorJoe Dent (our Rector) has kindly answered a few questions that you may have about the Church. We hope that it gives you an idea of what we’re about.

Can I visit St. Andrew’s?

Yes! Anyone and everyone is welcome. We are open each weekday (9:00am-4:00pm) and on Saturday mornings – you can come along any time to look around the building. But we’d especially like you to join us on Sundays. If you are new to the area or looking into Christianity you would be more than welcome at one of our services; the details are here. Please come as you are, there’s no dress code, and we hope you’ll feel welcome and at home.

Meet me at the door

What goes on at St. Andrew’s?

There’s a whole range of stuff, whether you’re looking to serve other people, grow as a Christian or simply find out what it’s all about. We are a thriving congregation full of people at all ages and stages, so you should be able find a place to belong. Take a look at what’s on, and do come and check us out. If you are interested in weddings or baptisms you will find information here.

 What kind of church are you?

Friendly and welcoming – we hope! We are also an evangelical congregation which belongs to the Church of England. It is our aim to “live for, worship and proclaim Jesus Christ in the heart of Plymouth and beyond”. We particularly emphasise four things:

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We have a heart for Jesus…because Jesus has a heart for us. Jesus Christ stands front and centre in the Christian faith as the way we connect with God. This means you will find St. Andrew’s to be a place where you can explore who Christ is and why we think a relationship with him is better than anything else in the world. At each of our services we open the Bible and aim to provide a clear talk which helps us get to grips with Christ.

We have a heart for prayer. One of the wonders of the Christian faith is personal friendship with God. We want to make full use of the privilege of bringing our problems to God and pouring out our hearts to him. People often use St. Andrew’s as a quiet place to come and pray – you would be more than welcome to do that. If you would like to pray with someone, please get in touch. We also meet once a month especially to focus on prayer.

We have a heart for each other. Belonging to a church is a bit like belonging to a family – it’s a place to love and be loved. Although St. Andrew’s has a staff team, the vast majority of stuff that happens at St. Andrew’s happens because of the living faith our church members.

We have a heart for Plymouth and beyond. St. Andrew’s is located in the heart of Plymouth. We love this city and it is our desire to serve its people as best we can. It is our pleasure to host city and civic events, we enjoy serving the community with things like the soup run, and most of all we  love to help people get to grips with Christ.

If there is any way in which I can help you, please do get in touch via the church office – I would love to meet you.

With warm good wishes,

Joe Dent